WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Overloaded Vape Juice

Overloaded E-juice is a newly formed product line from Loaded specializing in phenomenal custard flavors. With Loaded being a massive success in the vaping community with juices like Glazed Donuts, Cookie Butter, and Apple Fritter, Loaded fans have always been asking us for custard flavors, and thus, Overloaded e-juice was born!

The principles are the same, Overloaded will only create vape juices using the finest ingredients in a state of the art clean room. Overloaded e-liquid flavors are committed to producing premium e-juices with the custard lovers in mind.

Overloaded E-juice is about turning your favorite desserts into a tasty custard e-juice that is so good, you can’t taste the difference. Overloaded will go through an intensive vetting process to ensure that you get only the best tasting e-juice on the market. Rightfully so, because you deserve only the best and we want everyone to feel the happiness that we get from our vaping experience.

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