Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Aside from taking a huge dry hit, there's nothing worse than taking an even worse burnt hit from your vape. If you're new to vaping, and only use replacement coils, you may be thinking why does my vape taste burnt? E-Juice Plug has some tips for preventing your vape from tasting burnt.

Let's start with the anatomy of a coil.

To keep it simple, a coil consists of cotton and a heating conductor. Your tank holds the e-liquid around the coil so that the e-juice can saturate the cotton. Activating your device will then use the battery to fire off your heating conductor. Because the heating conductor is wrapped around the saturated cotton, the e-juice will turn into vapor for you to inhale.

Seem's simple enough. So, why does my vape taste burnt?

If you've been vaping your device for awhile and you ask yourself why does my vape taste burnt, take out your coil and examine it! If you notice that the cotton looks black, it may be time for a replacement.

In other cases, if you're constantly vaping or have a new coil, the reason why your vape will taste burnt is because your cotton is too dry. If the cotton isn't saturated enough you're prone to burning the cotton. This creates that burnt taste. To explain, the burnt taste happens because the burnt cotton isn't able to absorb any e-juice. Without being able to absorb any e-juice, it will still heat up and tarnish the vapor production.

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You may be able to salvage your coil but in most cases it will still have a hint of that burnt taste.

Some people will also notice a burnt taste with a brand new coil, completely sure that the cotton is saturated enough. If this happens and you're running an awesome variable wattage box mod,like the VooPoo DRAG 157W TC Mod, turn down your wattage. Depending if your atomizer can handle the higher wattage, if you run your wattage too high the cotton may burn immediately. Be sure to read the details of your atomizer to make sure you run it at optimal settings. If in any case you're not able to access the details of your atomizer, E-Juice Plug recommends to increment your wattage by 10 or 20 watts until you find your personal optimal settings. Please keep in mind, if you decide to do this, be sure to pay close attention to the taste in making sure that it does not taste dry.

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Now, how do you prevent your vape from becoming burnt.

Make sure its optimus prime

Upon getting a new coil make sure you defend it's livelihood by priming it. Most atomizers, such as the Crown v3 Tank by Uwell, contain a few holes on the side of the coil and a top chimney for the vapor to go through. Be sure to saturate your cotton through the side holes and through the inside of the top chimney by a good amount. More is better in this case, as it will eventually even out on vapor production. Pay notice, e-juice may get everywhere, so make sure to have a paper towel handy. If you wanted more information on how to prime your coil, feel free to check out this nice guide at Vapor Authority here.

Prevention and Maintenance!

One clear sign that your coil is close to becoming burnt is when the cotton becomes dry. If you're constantly vaping, your e-juice may not have had enough time to be absorbed into the cotton in between hits. Make sure enough e-juice has been absorbed into your cotton before producing huge clouds.

To assure that enough e-juice is going through to the cotton, E-Juice Plug would like to give you our nice little trade secret of dry hits. Dry hits are really simple. Without activating your device, draw on your device repeatedly. While doing dry hits, E-Juice Plug recommends using your finger to cover/uncover the air-hole. This will ensure that the e-juice goes through the device and to the cotton. Upon actually firing off your device, if any e-juice comes through the drip tip, you can always blow it out the air-hole without activating the device. Don't forget to clean up your setup as e-juice will fall out onto the sides of the device. 

What about vape pens?

Due to the convenience and stealth of vape pens, these little devices have been trending in the market. Unlike cig-a-likes or traditional mods, these quality devices contain pods that come either filled or are refillable. Nonetheless, these do have some draw backs leaving you to say the infamous "Why does my vape taste burnt?". If the taste is a little dry, do the same dry hits by taking the pod off of the device. Be weary with blowing into the pod as the coils are extremely small and may mess up the coil. If you taste anything dry with a refillable pod you can also try to drip a little e-juice through the drip trip. It's likely that you will taste the e-juice, so make sure not to flood it.

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If you're ever asking yourself, why does my vape taste burnt, there is no need to worry anymore!

By understanding how our atomizers work, we're able to prevent wasting coils and can fix it immediately. By easily taking dry hits or identifying the life of our coil, we can ensure that each coil is not wasted. Vaping is not complicated and all vape enthusiasts should be able to enjoy vaping without question.

Feel free to browse our collection of vape products! From our atomizers and mods to our low wattage devices, we hope to find your next favorite setup. Thanks for letting us be your plug!