What is the best Menthol E-juice

Menthol Enthusiasts unite! It’s time we really broke it down and helped each other out on our journey to finding that perfect menthol flavor. I mean, why is it so hard to find a nice menthol e-juice or nic salt that is refreshing, doesn’t overpower the other flavors and doesn’t make your throat itch? It’s time to settle the matter once and for all.

Naked 100 Menthol Graphic

Naked 100

  • Very Cool - Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry Menthol bliss! This e-juice tastes like a sweet berry blend with that extra menthol cool.

  • Brain Freeze - A combination of sweet strawberries, slight tartness of Kiwi, and exotic ruby red pomegranates for a mouth watering sensation balanced with a light menthol flavor.

  • Frosbite - an exhilarating concoction of fresh Pineapple, sweet Honeydew, and a refereshing kick of Cantaloupe with a cool blast of mint.

Ruthless Vapor Menthol Flavors Graphic

Ruthless E-Juice

  • EZ Duz It on Ice - a natural watermelon strawberry taste with an incredibly smooth throat hit pulled together with a refreshing menthol flavor

  • Grape Drank on Ice - Delightful concoction of Skittles, grape soda and light menthol!

NKTR Menthol Graphic


  • Citrus Menthol - Lemon lime citrus fusion with a subtle menthol that is beyond refreshing.

  • Glacier Menthol - Truly one of a kind, Glacier Menthol is for those menthol absolutists! With a focus on mint and menthol, this is truly an icy take on menthol e-juice.

What is the best menthol flavors you've ever tried?

Let us and your fellow menthol enthusiasts know what you feel is the best menthol flavor and why. We would love to hear what you all think about the flavors we listed above and what your all time favorite menthol e-juice is!