Vape Guidelines When Going Through TSA

One way or another most vapers have to travel by plane. TSA vape guidelines can be tricky, each airline has their own rules and restrictions, make sure to check your airline’s terms about bringing vapes on a plane. So this blog is here to help you prep your mod, kit, and e-juice to bring onto a plane safely and legally! Lets get started!


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Carry-On Bags

Vape guidelines for each country and airline can be tricky, first things first, we will talk about what you can and can’t bring with your carry-on bag.


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It is recommended taking your mod apart tank, rda, battery, and tube/regulated mod. Placing them in separate baggies or having them organized in your bag will make it easier in case you get questioned. Your batteries are only allowed on your carry-on due to safety and regulations. Most if not all vape devices and e-cigarettes are powered by lithium batteries. Batteries need to be well maintained. There are many risks of the battery when exposed to excessive heat or if it has a damaged protective wrap. To know if your battery wrap is okay, check out our battery safety blog here.


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Next thing you need to worry is e-juice! Like all liquid products, e-juice must be in a bottle of 100mL or less. To be more safe if you have a check in bag available, put the e-liquid bottle in a small clear baggie. Mainly to protect your clothes and items from any sort of leaks. It is also best that you do not carry glass bottles as it can be considered as a hazard.



To summarize, yes you can bring your vape and e-liquid onto planes as long as you’re following proper TSA Guidelines! Mods, tanks or rdas, batteries must be in your carry-on. Any e-liquid above 100mL must be in your check-in baggage. For safety measures it must be stored in a transparent case.

Like any other place with a no smoking sign, please do not vape on the plane! Because these rules are set for yours and other passengers safety! It is strictly prohibited.