Top 5 Squonk Mods 2019

So, you are vaping and right up there with the latest trends and your fave flavors. Now, you hear talk about Squonking and Squonk mods. Don’t look baffled - here is a quick low-down of what Squonking is and the 5 best Squonk Mods we have found.

What is a Squonk Mod?

Squonking is a vaping style which makes use of a special Squonk Mod and a bottom fed rebuildable RDA style or tank atomizer. When attached, the mod contains an eliquid reservoir which you can press, filling the cotton or tank with eliquid.

This form of vaping offers some handy pros. The bottles contained inside Squonk Mods tend to be of larger capacity, holding between 7 to 10ml. This eliminates the need to carry around extra bottles of ejuice through your day. Many popular RDA’s on the market have bottom feed pins, meaning that your current pod can be used with a Squonk Mod.

Like most things in life, there are always cons attached. The Squonk Mod cons are easy to get around and only requires a bit of practice. Initially, you may Under-Squonk by not juicing your wicks enough. This will give an unpleasant dry hit. On the opposite side, an Over-Squonk could flood the deck, causing leaking - also not cool. Practice makes perfect and soon you will be a Squonk Pro.

Here is our choice of the Top 5 Squonk Mods

1) Pulse Dual 220w Squonk Box Mod and Starter Kit by Vandy Vape and Tony B

vandy vape pulse dual

The Pulse Dual 220W offers a cohesive starter kit with a high powered box mod with 7ml eliquid capacity. This is teamed up with the upgraded Pulse V2 RDA. It offers all the safety features that you need when having a separated eliquid chamber and need to prevent battery damage. This Squonk Mod box features a deep juice well and a bottom fill system that drains excess eliquid, preventing dripping.

For those who love techno info – the Pulse Dual 220W has a black and white screen that displays output wattage, output voltage, output temperature, atomizer resistance and a dual battery life indicator. It is powered by a Vandy Chip that provides atomizer checking and short warning, low power warnings, overtime protection and overheat protection. An extra large firing button is a key feature. It also offers masses of power at 220W and is 100% regulated, making it perfect for beginners or those who skipped Ohms Law at school.

The box has a stylish ergonomic shape and comes in black with a choice of a blue, yellow, green or red trims.

2) Rig Squonk Mod by Vaping American Made Products

the righ squonk mod

Also known as Vapeamp, Vaping American Made Products offer a cool choice that we liked for its high-quality standard and eye-catching design. The Rig Squonk caught our attention with its machined Delrin box and billet aluminum door.

The Rig Squonk Mod is a mechanical Squonk system that delivers raw battery power to your atomizer. It holds 8ml of ejuice which will remove the hassle of carrying around extra bottles. The Rig Squonk Mod device cannot be charged, but uses a 20700 battery which should last through the day.

We loved the look of this stylish pod which comes in black with a choice of orange, hot pink, blue, forest green or red trims. Keep in mind that because it is unregulated, it is not recommended for builds lower than 0.20 Ohms. It comes with a Squonk bottle but no battery is included.

3) Tuglyfe Squonk Mod by Flawless

flawless tuglyfe squonk box

Are you an experienced vaper and want an elegant, sophisticated box mod that doesn’t scream color? (Not everyone enjoys hot pink, red and green!) The stylish Tuglyfe Squonk box mod has been crafted by Flawless and comes in a choice of solid black or Stainless Steel. It fits into the palm of your hand with a smooth finish and curved edges. This is a no-fuss device with a refillable bottle featuring an easy to remove cap for fast cleaning and filling.

This Squonk mod delivers up to 110W and is unregulated. For that reason, it is recommended for more experienced vapers who understand the technicalities of setting up a device. It is powered by 1 x 18650 battery which does not come included. When fully charged, the voltage output will exceed 4V. Do not discharge the battery to a level of less than 3.3V and do not apply a coil that will result in more than a 30A output. You get it!

Looking for a great gift for a vaping friend? The stylish Tuglyfe Squonk Mod by Flawless is the perfect choice.

4) MACH ON3 240W TC Squonk Vape Starter Kit by USV, United Society of Vape

flawless mach on3 squonk box

Always wanted a car with carbon fiber trims? Well, start off with a Vape pod that gives you just that! The stunning Mach ON3 240W TC Squonk Vape Starter Kit from United Society of Vape, is designed to delight. It features a classy zinc-aluminum alloy chassis with stylish carbon fiber accent trims. This stunner is sure to get second looks.

In your hand, it feels sturdy and comfortable and you immediately feel the quality and sophistication of the device. It offers a 1.3” TFT full-color display screen with a customizable user-interface. It holds a Squonk bottle with a capacity of 8ml, more than enough to get you through the day with carrying extra ejuice bottles around in your laptop bag. It reaches up to a super powerful 240W and comes with several selectable modes including bypass and temperature control to suit your vaping style.

This device is featured as a starter kit and teams up with the Mach 2 RDA Vape Tank which has a fully adjustable airflow control and a wide bore ULTEM 810 drip tip.

5) Sentorian RAM BF Squonker MOD by Wotofo

sentorian ram squonk wotofo

Are you considering a Squonk Mod but don’t want to spend a fortune – after all, this may not be for you! The Ram Squonker Box Mod by Stentorian and Wotofo is both cool-looking and affordable. It comes in a trendy choice of mottled green, brown or purple with gold accents.

The Ram Squonker Box Mod offers a host of safety features, perfect for a beginner. It has a very adequate 7ml Squonk bottle, to get you through the day. For those eco-aware people, you will be pleased to know that the bottle is made of PET, a recycled product, adding a feel-good vibe to your vaping experience.

For peace of mind, the device features a fire button with a lock that ensures a safe vaping experience. Also included is a peek 510 adapter that prevents the top of the mod from over heating. This is a great choice for a try-it-out experience.

To wrap up – the vape experience is vast, complex and ever-growing in sophistication and technicalities. For a beginner, we recommend the trendy, safe RAM BF Squonker MOD by Stentorian. For the more experienced vaper, you will enjoy the class and style of the Tuglyfe Squonk Mod by Flawless.