The FDA Flavor Ban? What? Why?

San Francisco voters recently passed a proposition that will ban the sale of flavored tobacco products including menthol cigarettes, and flavored liquids. The vote passed with almost 70% of San Francisco voters backing the proposition. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued a press statement: “ We must also consider how best to address flavors in non-combustible products like e-cigarettes – given both their clear appeal to youth but also the potential role certain flavors may play in helping some adult smokers transition to potentially less harmful tobacco products,”

Adult ex-smokers and vapers should have the choice of the flavors they choose. Regulations that severely restrict the flavors in vapor products interfere with consumer choice, which is unfair, and could potentially cause smokers thinking of quitting to not give vaping the consideration if the options are limited. While E-Juice Plug agrees that minors should not buy, or use any e-cigarette products, including flavored ejuice. Selling e-cigarettes to minors is already illegal in most states. Which seems silly to ban flavors instead of regulate the way flavors are marketed.


Like most ex-smokers, myself included have completely quit cigarettes and now vape. Most quit with the help of flavored E-liquid, most starting with their favorite candy, or fruit flavor. Now I know personal experience isn’t the same as data. the ANPRM is specifically seeking data on this issue. According to a statement by Gottlieb personal stories are not enough. A ban in flavors could result in several small businesses going under and ending 1,000s of jobs.


 Be sure to make your voice heard by emailing/calling your elected representatives, support your local vape shops, and help educate people about how vaping has helped you quit smoking!