Different Kinds of Vapes

Everyday vapers everywhere are constantly being bombarded with the newest and different selections of vape devices. Whether it's the traditional mechanical mod or the newest low-wattage device, different kinds of vapes suit each vaper differently. Where each satisfy a different sensation, each device is unique in its own way. E-Juice Plug is here to clear the slate for all of our beginners and to find the right setup for you.

First, let's get a list of all the different kinds of vapes.

To name a few of the most popuplar:
  • Mechanical Mod with Atomizer/RDA
  • Box Mod with Atomizer/RDA
  • Vape Pen(Refillable/Pre-Filled)
  • Cig-A-Like

Let's start with our cloud-chasers.

E-Juice Plug - Different Kinds of Vapes - Mechanical Mods

Different Kinds of Vapes - Mechanical Mod with Atomizer/RDA

The mechanical mod is a traditional mod that has no regulated temperature control. Contrary to a regulated box mod, these mods are very aesthetically pleasing and prevent auto-firing by a locking mechanism. Paired with an atomizer like the Crown v3 Tank by Uwell or the Wismec Indestructible Atty RDA, mechanical mods fire off at the same output every time. Any changes to the vapor production will be upon the different type of coils you equip or the different atomizer/rda that you choose.

The E-Juice Plug staff's favorite mechanical mod starter kit is the Smok Stick Prince with TFV12 Prince Subohm Tank. At such a low price and high accessibility, this mod is the perfect setup for a vaper interested in the traditional mod setup.

E-Juice Plug - Different Kinds of Vapes - Box Mods 

Different Kinds of Vapes - Box Mod with Atomizer/RDA

On the other hand of mods, we have our suggested box mods. Box mods have regulated temperature control, adjustable voltage, and much more features with all the new technology coming out. Box mods use the software in the device to lock your device in case of auto-firing. They also have the ability to auto adjust to different coils. Any adjustments in vapor production can be handled by adjusting the settings on your device. Before producing huge clouds, make sure to read the details of your atomizer or RDA to ensure that it can handle it!

The E-Juice Plug staff's favorite box mod is the VooPoo DRAG 157W TC Mod. Not only is the design unique, but this device cuts straight to the chase and gets you great vapor production without the extremities of other mods.

Cloud production is awesome, but what about our stealthy vapers?

E-Juice Plug - Different Kinds of Vapes - Vape Pens 

Different Kinds of Vapes - Vape Pens

The market today is saturated with vape pens and salt nics, but we love them nonetheless. With pre-filled pods like Phix Vapor or Juul, these trending little devices provide convenience and stealth. These devices mostly contain salt nicotine which provides higher nicotine in the e-juice. In which, these devices focus more on satisfying the normal cravings of a cigarette. On the other hand, the refillable devices like the Rolo Badge by Smok provide vapers with the convenience of salt nicotine at a fraction of the cost. These refillable pods go well with all salt nicotine that you can find here.

The E-Juice Plug staff's go to pre-filled vape pen goes out to Phix Vapor.

On the other hand, E-Juice Plug staff's go to refillable vape pen is the Smoktech Infinix Kit.

E-Juice Plug - Different Kinds of Vapes - Cig-A-Likes 

Different Kinds of Vapes - Cig-A-Likes

Last but not least, Cig-A-Likes are disposable vape pens that you throw away after use. You can find these in many convenient places such as smoke stores and gas stations. If you're not too much into vaping, and prefer a more simple alternative, E-Juice Plug suggests to pick these up. One of the biggest Cig-A-Like manufacturers, Blu has been in industry for awhile. If you want the best in Cig-A-Likes, E-Juice Plug recommends to take a look at Blu's selection of Cig-A-Likes.

With the selection of all different kinds of vapes, we understand, it's hard to choose.

If you're not sure what device to choose, rest assured, it merely comes down to your preference. Ex-smokers generally like higher nicotine. Cloud chasers stay up to date on the latest mods. As the list of vape products goes on, vaping shouldn't be hard, enjoy to your preference.