Best Tobacco Ejuice Flavors

For all of the true tobacco enthusiasts, and those that are fresh off cigarettes there are tobacco flavored e-juices! These are for anyone who really enjoys the flavor of tobacco, and those that just aren’t with the other sweet, and savory flavored e-juices. However not all tobacco flavors are created equally! Some are very harsh, while others really grasp the subtle notes that makes premium tobacco taste amazing. Moreover, accomplished tobacco flavors also grant a comparable throat hit to traditional cigarettes. And what's even better is some brands mix their tobacco flavoring with classic cigarette pairings like coffee, and tobacco! I mean, what smoker doesn’t miss that satisfying experience of a hot cup of coffee, and a lit smoke? Read on to figure out which tobacco brands are best, it’ll save you the hassle of figuring it out yourself!

Ruthless Tobacco Banner

Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless Vapor

Nothing beats a fresh cup of coffee, and a smoke, get that same feeling every time you inhale Coffee Tobacco by Ruthless Vapor. This juice has a very pleasant tobacco flavor paired with a creamy, rich coffee flavor. It has an even throat hit, and you don’t lose that true tobacco flavoring in the coffee flavor. This brand has been able to make both flavors compliment each other without overpowering your taste buds.

Dulce De Tobacco by Ruthless Vapor

For those of us that enjoy sweeter flavors to compliment our tobacco, there’s Dulce De Tobacco with caramel, sweet milk, and tobacco. It is very creamy, and has a nice velvet profile. The caramel has a fresh, and sweet taste that compliments the tobacco effortlessly. The tobacco is a bit more subtle on this one, but is still present, and delicious.

Ripe Vapes VCT Banner

Vanilla Custard Tobacco (VCT) by Ripe Vapes

Hand crafted, and made for custard, and desert lovers, VCT has a great balance of caramel infused tobacco, and vanilla custard. This juice has a complex flavor profile that is hard to get bored of. VCT is great for novices to tobacco flavors, and vaping connoisseurs alike. With the prominent vanilla custard flavor toning down the bold tobacco presence. This one is a must have in any tobacco lover's rotation of ejuice.

Naked 100 Tobacco Banner

Naked 100 Tobacco American Patriots

Naked 100 nails this 100% tobacco flavored e-juice. It features a full bodied tobacco blend. With every in, and exhale you grasp every subtle nuance of the tobacco flavor notes, not unlike smoking a premium hand rolled cigarette.

Naked 100 Cuban Blend

If you were blindfolded, and took a drag from a mod with this flavor you’d swear you were sitting in a velvet chair in a high class club with a Cuban cigar between your lips! This take on tobacco with infusing juice with a rich, and bold cigar tobacco satisfies those old cravings for sure.

Naked 100 Euro Gold

This light body Euro Gold tobacco flavor is super smooth, and light-bodied for an easy all day tobacco vape experience.

For every level of tobacco love, the vape industry has you covered. From classic pairings from Ruthless, to dessert delights from Ripe Vapes to the pure, and true tobacco from Naked 100, these are the best options for the tobacco novice and veteran. Click on the name to get yours now!