The Best Lemon Ejuice

Come one, come all Lemon Lovers! Who doesn’t enjoy a lemon flavored e-juice to add to their collection? The only issues, is well, which Lemon flavor is best? There are plenty of Lemon flavors out there and they all say almost the same thing as far as flavor goes... They key is to know what you personally enjoy when it comes to lemon dessert flavors. Do you prefer a custard or a cake? A sweet lemon flavor, tart or balance of both? Do you want the lemon to be pronounced or subtle? Knowing this will help you buy the right lemon e-liquid that is best for you. Below are some of the ones we carry and their respective flavor details from a number of sources. Choose wisely!

Vapetasia Killer Kustard Lemon Kustard

Vapetasia has a wonderful following and is praised by many. Their Killer Kustard Lemon does not seem to disappoint. It is a mix of tarty lemon, vanilla and custard flavor. This Lemon custard flavor e-juice has a more zing lemon flavor that is complemented with that creamy custard and splash of vanilla. On this one it seems that the lemon is more subtle and complimentary but still stands out.

  • 70% VG 30% VG

Treat Factory-Lemon Glaze

Treat Factory has a pretty cool design and sweet, sweet flavors. Their Lemon Glaze e-liquid is a thick, rich, lemon glaze pastry. This lemon flavored vape juice has both that sweet and tarty lemon flavor and tastes like a thick lemony cake and that glaze is a prominent flavor in this one.

  • 70% VG 30% PG

Loaded Lemon Bar

Last but not least, Loaded Lemon Bar! A social media and youtube reviewer favorite, Loaded has a great lineup of desert flavors. Their lemon flavored e-juice is a tart and pastry flavor that has that fresh lemon flavor and great bakery notes from that crust flavor and powdered sugar to add a bit of sweetness to it. If you’ve ever had a lemon tart or a lemon bar that is what Loaded Lemon Bar tastes like.

  • 70/30 vg pg

All three knock it out of the park and have many vape lovers satisfied. The key to choosing the best for you is to do your research! Which flavor profile sounds the best to you? Leave us a comment below and tell us your experience with these lemon e-juice flavors!